Design for a social media campaign - awake the instant spirit of Nescafe
Illustrations for refresh the old corporate image into a jounger one. 2014
Website & Buttons
Codes in the boxes for “Instant Match“ and “Instant Move“
VIP entry with Nescafe & “instant move“ into the best Clubs. The “Instant Coffee“ brings the “Instant Move“ -  and “instant“ means fast! So you don't have to wait!
“Instant Match“ is a contest oft random Teams, they have to generate likes to win a journey.  
You don't have the “Instant Move“ and have to wait for the show or the club? No Problem! We give you the “Instant Moment“! 
Crystal Nes - Yes, you can cook it and we have the instructions! Why Walter? Even the charakters in Breaking Bad likes to drink Nescafe! 
You need water? No Problem, there is always a solution.
Cooperation with Nescafe & Ogilvy Frankfurt - Junior Agency Award 2014

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Lara Wilkin ©

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