Art Direktors Club - Silver Nail
Red Dot - Best of the Best
Future Award Nomunation + Final
German Design Award Nomination

This bachelor thesis entitled “Battlefield Wilderness“ are vectorillustrations and is about the resonance of a spreading mankind whose illegal waste disposal and problems of inherited waste are directly referring to the fauna and a resultant overlay with the background of dangers of two clashimng worlds in an ecosystem, contamined by trash. My attention focused on the highly neglected issue area of faunal living conditions and the obvious, if also presumably forgotten, dangers of several inherited wastes. I didn´t like to prefer a small topographical habitat and its species, so I chose animal species which belong to a nearly worldwide fauna and which are examples for subordinated races referred to their visual appearance. Since the beginning of the colonial period they have consolidated by the help of mankind and their abduction of species. My illustrations include the following animal species: bear. racoon, badger, squirrel, wolf and wild boar.

The green image shows the activated path view. I only used my Trackpad!
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Lara Wilkin ©

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